Single-phase asynchronous electric motors with short-circuit cage of closed design, power up to 2.2 KW


Data from single-phase electric motors with a short-circuit cage for the power range from 0.045 kW to 2.2 kW are described. The installation dimensions are in accordance with the recommendations of IEC publication 60072. The electric motors comply with DIN VDE 0530 T1.

Mechanical design

Single-phase electric motors are similar in design to three-phase IEC electric motors. The normal design is IM B3 and the protection level is IP 54. The capacitors are attached to the top of the stator housing with special clamps and connected to the terminal block in the cabinet. Automatic thermal protection switches and thermal sensors are built into the windings of electric motors. Electric motors (3) ESK and (3) EKSK have a built-in centrifugal switch in the bearing shield on the N side.

One or more capacitors are mounted on single-phase electric motors. Single-phase electric motors have the same bearings as three-phase electric motors of the same size, except for electric motors with a starting capacitor (EKSK 100 and EKSK 112), where 6205 2Z bearings are installed on the N side.

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