ARWE system – System of remotely controlled, programmable fan speed regulators


ARWE is a fan speed regulator dedicated for controlling single-phase AC motors in ventilation and heating systems by 0-10 VDC input signal and for operating in tandem with ZSE5 S or PSE5 TP controllers.

PSE5 TP controller is distinguished by its modern design, ergonomic touch screen and many available options. PSE5 TP is equipped with thermostat and two programs (7-day and 5+2 for week days and weekend) that enable precise temperature setting, according to client’s needs.

PSE5 TP and ZSE5 S controllers offer manual, 5-step regulation of a single or a group of ventilators and heaters. The ARWE regulator provides a 5-step output voltage regulation due to 0-10 VDC input signal. A PCB power-electronic module measures external signal and switches on a relay on particular autotransformers tap according to signals level.

ARWE is equipped with an internal control unit that prevents the device from switching on two relays in the same time (anti-short circuit system). The ARWE regulators are made with Class II insulation and protection grade IP54 for maximum ambient temperature 40°C. Thermal class of insulation: B(130°C). ARWE are manufactured in compliance with EN 61558-2-13.

Power supply: 230V AC 50 Hz
Current output: 1,5A; 2A; 3A; 5A; 7A; 10A
Control: automatic 0-10V DC


SKU: V36-SC3-1-1.
Features :

  • • Speed control up to 1.5 Hp used in Pass box / AHU Control Air curtain
  • • Robust design for long life
  • • High power electronics
  • • Transient protection in Power circuit
  • • Regulator tested up to 2 Hp motors for functioning and suitable cooling for power component given through large heat sink and air ventilation grill
  • • Operating supply 230Vac

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