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Aco box SM500 FAN

Variable direction discharge, backward curved centrifugal fan. High efficiency IE2 external rotors motor and IE3 for induction rotor motors. Highest quality Electric motors with thermal protection will guarantee the long life and trouble free operation due to its construction and air cool system. Free running High density HD backward curved Impeller is made of aluminium and dynamically balanced according to G6.3 two plane. Acoustic panels are easily removable which make it easy to install in any direction as well as easy to clean and maintain. Speed controllable 0 to 100% only by High efficiency variable frequency drive, pre-programmed and fully protecting the fan against any sort of harm. Low sound level due to the 25mm thick acoustic panels, to absorb the noise to the highest level. Casing and all corners are made of corrosion resistance aluminium for longer life. Aco-silent fans can be used as extract and supply unit. .

Mechanical efficiency static V

  • Voltage                                                                   230 - 400 V
  • Frequency                                                              50 Hz
  • Phase(s)                                                                 3~
  • Input power                                                           1450 W
  • Input current                                                         32 A
  • Impeller speed                                                     1450 r.p.m.
  • Efficiency                                                               IE 2
  • Air flow max                                                         8704 m³/h
  • Maximum ambient Temperature                     max 60 °C
  • Enclosure class                                                   IP54
  • Insulation class                                                   F
  • Motor type                                                       AC
  • Weights Weight                                                   64 kg

Speed control
  • Principe of control                        Variable frequency Drive
  • Input voltage                                 1~   200-240V
  • Input current                                 15 A
  • Output current                              1 A
  • Output voltage                              3~   0-250V
  • Frequency                                      0 – 50 Hz
  • Enclosure class                            IP20

Sound data
  • Sound pressure level at 3m                                               54 dB(A)


Air volume flow rate  
Δp sV
Δp tV
η s
ST500-04   87047711.451,880,414502018

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